The first portable thermal conductivity instruments
with low absolute uncertainty: 2% for solids, 1% for liquids

This is the first low-uncertainty Transient Hot-Wire instrument

Transient Hot Wire

First absolute application of the Transient Hot-Wire technique to solids and fluids, employing 2 very thin wires.

Low Uncertainty

The 2-thin wires sensors, the automatic bridge and the software, guarantee a 2% uncertainty in solids, and 1% in liquids

FPGA-architecture Bridge

A new automatic, FPGA-architecture processor bridge allows 500 measurements in one run between 2ms and 10s (solids) or 1s (liquids).

An easy to use Guarded Heat-Flow instrument

Guarded Heat-Flow

Operates according to Guarded Heat-Flow technique (ASTM E1530).

Relative Technique

Calibration using four samples supplied.

Easy to use

A simple to use instrument.

Machine Learning state-of-the-art

A cutting edge software suite, is developed for the mesh describing the structure of the sensor designed for the measurement of the thermal conductivity of solids. The suite utilizes the Finite Elements Method to model the heat flow and the estimation of thermal conductivity is modelled as a minimization problem, and solved using a Bayesian Optimization technique.

The developed software coupled with the newly designed compact portable printed electronic board employing an FPGA architecture CPU to the control output voltage and data processing, allow the absolute calculation of the thermal conductivity of solids within 2% uncertainty.

The Team


Dr. Konstantinos D Antoniadis

Thermal Conductivity
measurements expert


Dr. Yannis Assael

External Advisor
Research Scientist


Prof. Marc J. Assael

External Advisor
35-years of expertise in
Thermal Conductivity measurements

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